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New Computer Builds and Upgrades

Computer Upgrades and New PC and Laptops

Computer hardware is one of the fastest evolving technologies in the ICT world, with new hardware and peripherals coming out every year, it is very hard to fall behind in optimal system performance rather rapidly.

A downside of this rapid development is new software either it being video editing, word and document processing applications or new video games require the fastest and latest hardware to fully function to its full potential.

Bring your computer to our service centre, we will take a look at your performance setup and recommend any required or optimal upgrades which can me made to your system to increase its speed and functionality.

Common system upgrades are made to:
•    CPU (Central Processing Unit)
•    Memory (RAM)
•    Graphics Card
•    Hard Drive
•    CD / DVD Drives (Blue ray)

All upgrade diagnosis is FREE and our component prices are competitively priced.

Our Shop also stocks a range of New Laptops and PCs with the latest hardware and operating systems, or we can help you decide on a custom machine to fully meet your needs.

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